My Story? Well, it really started with me making a special shirt to support my kids in their particular sport or activity. #1 Fan!!!!

So I am that crazy mom that has to have a special personalized shirt for every event my kids are in. Whether that was Volleyball, dance, cheer, track, selling girl scout cookies, matching team shirts for mud runs... you name it! I had been designing shirts as a hobby with my mom for about 10 years before I decided that 'This is what I want to do with my life!' I want to share my designs with other enthusiastic moms that are also soooooo proud of their kids that they can't control themselves. :). What I have listed in my store is just a taste of what I can do. Do you have something in mind that you would like done? Let me know. I typically do not charge a design fee.

My newest addition is my Spangle Elite Machine. Do you like rhinestones? Wait until you see SPANGLES! What is a Spangle? It's like rhinestones except better! Soft and Flat and Sparklier!!!!! And lead free and safe for kids! I'm so excited about my new addition!

Much more to come! Stay tuned!


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